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Rosso Santiago granite

Ukraine, Kirovograd region, Kamennyi Most

Tiles price

19 mm
27 mm
40 mm
50 mm

The field is located in the Kirovograd region, Ukraine. Today Rosso Santiago granite is the most popular among the red granite, mined in Ukraine. The structure is coarse-grained, with a pronounced red mixed with dark and light patches. The material lends itself well to all kinds of processing. Solid and durable Rosso Santiago granite can withstand all vagaries of weather and retains its original appearance for several hundred years. In any type of processing stone texture looks amazing. The level of natural radioactivity refers to the first class, it means that the stone is absolutely safe for humans and animals and can be used in the construction work without restrictions.

Physical and mechanical properties
Weight: 2700 kg/m3
Water absorption: 0,22%
Compressive strength: 165 MPa
Flexural strength: 18 MPa
Abrasion: 0,48 g/cm2
Mineral composition (%)
Microcline: 30-40
Plagioclase: 24
Quartz: 18
Biotite: 7
Other: 1