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About Us

Granite — isn’t just a type of stone
LTD “Granitniy Dvor “ Kometa " has been dealed in the production of granite for many years. Over the years we have established ourselves as the best supplier of granite products  in Ukraine. We have quickly and efficiently supplied material to fulfill all contractual obligations ,not only throughout Ukraine,  but also far beyond Ukraine borders . Our products are very popular in the CIS, the European Union, as well as in some Asian countries. The main square of Ukraine - Maidan Nezalezhnosti was reconstructed by our products.
Source of the raw materials
The structure of our company includes 6 own quarries and stone processing enterprise with the most modern equipment. Our specialists adopt experience of their foreign colleagues in order to you have got a top quality products.
Worldwide Shipping
We are open for cooperation with enterprises and construction companies around the world. Due to the large volumes of extraction and processing of granite, we are able to meet the demand for the stone not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders.

Our production


Granite mining

A special feature of our company is a method of granite mining. We deliberately moved from the quarry by blasting to the drilling, in addition, fixed assets of enterprise were modernized and now all processing are produced by a Finnish manufacturer of equipment "Tamrock". Due to modern technologies introduced at our facilities, we have significantly increased volume of production  and we are ready to cooperate with the most ambitious construction projects not only in Ukraine but all over the world.

Sawing of granite blocks

The main enterprise of processing granite blocks is located in Kriviy Rig, Ukraine. The enterprise has the latest  equipment for stone processing such brands as «Pedrini» (Italy), «Steinex» (Germany), «MEC» (Germany), «Montresor» (Italy), «Monlevi» (France), «Technogranite» (Italy), etc.
The first stage of stone processing is cutting. When the cut is completed, the unit is left to dry. Then miller allocates cracks and cut the granite blocks, passing them on the blank. Further sawn billets are sent to the next stage of processing.

Surface treatment

Stone processing takes place on the most modern equipment in the world, almost without human intervention, thus the probability of consequence of the human factor, as a the defects on the finished product are reduced to a minimum. There is a quality control at the all stages of the processing. The company has a access to the all the possible treatment types of  the natural stone.


Due to the modern equipment and highly qualified specialists of our company, we provide the best cutting of natural stone in Ukraine. This process requires great skills and tremendous experience and we are proud that the specialists of our company are the best in this matter.
There are 7 blockers, 2 heat treatment lines, 1 polishing line and 1 line for calibration of thickness at the enterprise. Due to the vast area of warehouses and the large production volumes of stone, we can provide the necessary amount of material anywhere in the world in the shortest time.
All products comply with international standards and have the appropriate certificates and passports.