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Leopard granite

Ukraine, Zhytomyr region, Kornin

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19 mm
27 mm
40 mm
50 mm

The field is located in Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. Leopard granite has a very diverse range of colors, which varies from light gray to gray with transparent inserts and with pale pink blotches .The material has high strength and moisture resistance. Stone structure - coarse-grained. The level of natural radiation refers to the first class, respectively, the material is completely harmless to humans, and is suitable for all types of construction in unlimited quantities. Leopard granite is the most used for exterior trim and cladding of large designs.

Physical and mechanical properties
Weight: 2730 kg/m3
Water absorption: 0,31%
Compressive strength: 190 MPa
Flexural strength: 29 MPa
Abrasion: 0,35 g/cm2
Mineral composition (%)
Microcline: 28
Plagioclase: 34
Quartz: 20
Biotite: 13
Other: 5