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Flower of Ukraine granite

Ukraine, Zhytomyr region, Mezshirichka

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19 mm
27 mm

Flower f Ukraine granite is mined in the village Mezhirichka, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. The stunning beauty of the stone brown and pink with various patches in great demand not only because of the aesthetic component. The high strength and moisture resistance of stone, along with the physical and mechanical characteristics make it one of the best colored granite, not only in Ukraine but also in Western Europe. It is suitable for all types of processing. The percentage of defects is minimized. ( в русском варианте «слово веден», нужно изменить на сведен)

Physical and mechanical properties
Weight: 2600 kg/m3
Water absorption: 0,5%
Compressive strength: 150 MPa
Abrasion: 0,47 g/cm2
Mineral composition (%)
K-feldspar: 60
Plagioclase: 20
Quartz: 15
Biotite: 5
Other: < 1